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This weekend was packed and fun and exhausting! I’ll have photos from a few of our adventures, but first up was P.O.S.’s show at First Avenue. If you’ve followed me for any time at all, you know I’m a huge fan of his, and this show was celebrating one of my favorite albums being 10 years old. That album was how I discovered POS, and it was really fun to hear all the songs live again.

I haven’t done any internet shares for a while, so here are some good ones! Enjoy!

+ This made me laugh out loud as I feel like it is real life.

+ How to make perfect leftover pizza!

+ The best parenting advice I’ve heard in a long time.

baby hayes

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It’s back to the babies! This was one of the last shoots I had before going on vacation last week, and it was just magical. I love this family, I love the light in their home and I loved seeing the big brother, who I photographed as a newborn himself several years ago! Watching families grow is surely a big job perk of mine.

camel rides at the zoo

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We have returned to the frozen tundra (-26 when I woke up this morning!), and I’m just sorting out my family photos from the trip. I love this shot of Ezra and Bubie Carole riding a camel together at the zoo. And look at how warm they look — a different story today, that’s for sure.

my sweetie

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Each year, I do a valentine shoot with Ezra (just 20 minutes or so in the studio real quick). I love to make photo Valentines for his classroom and to send to family each year, and this year had so many fun photos. Or I’m just in love with this cutie. Or both.

hello palm springs

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We arrived in Palm Springs yesterday, and not a moment too soon (hello below-zero temps in Minnesota!). It’s been in the mid-70s and we could not be more thrilled. So far we have… lounged by the pool. And eaten food. And gone for walks in the sunshine.

And that’s it.

And it’s been glorious.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say next week, but for now I’m just unwinding and spending time with family and it is glorious.