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I’m hosting a workshop!

post by leslie

Heya! Did you hear? I’m hosting a workshop aimed at parents who want to capture fantastic photos of their kids! And folks, I am damn excited about it.

Besides teaching you how to shoot in manual mode on your fancy cameras, I’m going to talk to you about light and composition and how to get the best possible candid images of your kids’ childhoods. We’re going to talk about the power of documentary photography vs all the selfies and posed images you might have, and we’re going to talk about tips and tricks for photo storage and organization.

Now, you should also know that I did a presale of this class over the weekend with those who subscribe to my newsletter. Do you subscribe? No? Because you should. Anyway, after that sale, there are only TWO SPOTS LEFT. So if you want to do this, get on the train!

Here are the details!

+ The workshop will be on Sunday, Jan 5 in my studio near Loring Park. It will start at 10 am and it won’t last longer than four hours, I promise. There will be lunch. There will be coffee. It will be way more fun than those classes offered at the camera shop (I swear).

+ This will be an intimate setting with loads of one-on-one time (only 2 spots are left, so sign up quick!). I want this to be personalized to you, and I want you to get the most out of our time together.

+ I will teach you how your camera works, how natural light works and how to get the best composition for your photos. We will also talk a little bit about photo storage and organization, because I know that’s a challenge for everyone (myself, included).

The introductory cost is $150 (tell all your friends!). I will likely host more workshops like this later, but they will probably cost a little more.

+ You will get an invitation after the class for a private facebook group where you can post work for feedback, and I will answer questions and give tips long after the workshop ends.

+ If this class does not have room for all of your friends, or you’d like to make it a book club/wine club/mom’s night out, get at me and I’ll schedule something personal for groups of 6-8. I really want this to be casual and fun, and I’ll even provide wine if you want!

So if you’re in and want to participate, reserve your spot here! And I’ll see you on Jan 5!

Family photos of us!

post by leslie / photos by lucy

Here we are! We had the wonderful Lucy take our family photos again this year, and we had so much fun. I’m posting them in black and white because it’s my favorite. Sorry not sorry. How cute are my boys?!? How silly is my dog?!? I’m one lucky lady.

a day in texas

post by leslie

So I mentioned I was in Texas! And it was SO MUCH FUN. I cannot stress enough the amount of joy this trip brought me and how great it was to do a Day in the Life in a totally new place.

These are the images that I took from that day. I’m sure you will wonder why there are not more photos of this family on the beach, and it’s because we did a film instead on the beach (you’ll get to see that soon!) and so the photos were limited. Otherwise, these were some of my favorite shots of the day.

Letting me move in with you for a day creates such a great situation in that the kids see me almost as family and I get to capture more of their true personality. It’s such a lovely snapshot of this family’s season of life, and (in my opinion) so much more meaningful than a posed holiday image. I hope you can look through these and see what I mean.

a different view

post by leslie

Sorry for the absence folks! I have been super busy, and I’m not gonna lie, I simply forgot about the blog. Yup, plain forgot about it for an entire week. I am gettin’ old, people.

But I’m back! And the reason I forgot about it was that I went to Texas last week to do a Day in the Life session along with a mini session and a family film. Told ya I was occupied!

And you know what? IT WAS A BLAST. So much fun that I want to do more and more of it. So! I have a proposal for you!

I will waive ALL TRAVEL FEES (within the continental US) for Day in the Life or Family Film shoots between January and July of 2020.*

But here’s the catch: You have to book the session before Dec 31. So book a shoot for a Christmas present and save a bunch of dough on travel fees! Get on it!

* Cannot be combined with other offers

the sweetest sessions

post by leslie

You guys, I had the most amazing newborn session a few weeks ago! The baby was great. The parents were amazing. The dog? I WANT TO BRING THAT DOG HOME WITH ME STAT. And I want to show you ALL the photos. So bear with me.