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more happy babies

post by leslie

And we had ANOTHER happy baby in the studio last weekend! Just look at those smiles! This kiddo loved being here and man-oh-man did she adore her big brother. I usually prefer photographing small kids in their own homes, but last weekend convinced me that the studio is fantastic as well. 

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april blizzard

post by leslie

So it snowed last night. And it really wasn’t that big of a deal — just a couple of inches. And we might get an inch today.

Except that THEY CANCELLED SCHOOL. I mean, seriously, I am thinking the person that makes those decisions just moved here from Arizona. Wuss.

But the drive in sure was pretty! Here are a few snaps I took on my way into the studio.

sweet thing

post by leslie

Last weekend I held mini sessions just for kids (no parents allowed) in the studio. I had a lot of fun with all of these youngins, but I’m starting out with photos of this sweetie. I photographed her parents wedding almost 6 years ago, their first puppy and now their daughter. I feel so privileged to get to work with this amazing couple over and over again, and seeing  their first child grow up is just fantastic as well.

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gorgeous, gorgeous food

post by leslie

I don’t think I’ve told you about my health coach yet. Her name is Liz, and she is FABULOUS. She has turned my life (and my perspective) around and I am a much healthier person now than I was six months ago, that is for sure.

I’m not going to go into detail (yet) because she’s working on getting a new website up and launched, and when she does, I will tell you ALL about it and send you to her and you can thank me later. But for now, she came into the studio last week for some portraits and she brought some food to photograph for bits of her new website. Since I don’t get to photograph food too often, it was super fun and I loved the macro shots of all the produce, which you can see below.

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Spring Migration

Post by Lucy

It’s one of my favorite times of year – the temperatures are warming up, the early spring plants are just starting to peak out of the ground, the lakes are finally opening up, and the birds are migrating north! It’s always a treat, and a challenge, to see as many species as possible as they make their way from their wintering habitats to their summer spots. I’ve only been out a couple times to take photos of birds this spring, but,  I was really happy to have the chance to head down to Lake Pepin on a recent evening to see the pelicans!

Below are shots of those pelicans, eagles, hooded mergansers, wood ducks, mallards, red-winged black birds, and some ever elusive seagulls :)