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everyone needs family photos. even me.

post by leslie | photos by lucy

When I talk about how important I think it is to have family photos taken for you, I’m not just saying it because I want you to hire me (although I do want that…). I’m saying it because I truly do think it’s super important. A few times this year, I’ve been going through old vacation photos with Ezra and he has asked me, “But where were you? Why weren’t you with us?” And I have to explain that I was there! I was taking the photos!

But there is no evidence of it. And this makes me so sad.

I was expressing this sadness to Jamie, and he then turned around and hired Lucy to follow Ezra and I around on one of our favorite Sunday outings (because Jamie is the best husband on Earth). And I’m so glad we now have these images — I hope Ezra remembers these days for a long time. And that, in fact, I was there.




warmth and sunshine

post with leslie

A few weeks back, I had this super fun session with a new family. They found me through my very favorite food blogger, so we shot photos and talked recipes, and that was such a fun change of pace! In case you’re wondering, this is next on my must-try list.

You might start to get sick of families and babies and the likes — I’ve got a ton on the way. But don’t worry, there’s also a dog session next week to keep things fresh! Until then, enjoy summer kids. Only a few weeks left of guaranteed warmth…

a film about sisters

post by leslie

Remember when I told you about that amazing afternoon I spent capturing those sisters and their love for each other? Well I finally finished the film! I hadn’t done a film with kids this age before (I’m normally with babies and toddlers) and it was so much fun with all the scooter and trampoline action. And how about that crow, eh? What a fun family!


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We are back home from the trip, which means you get the obligatory shots of Lake Superior, aka, my favorite place. I felt like I had captured enough sunrises at this lake for my lifetime and should treat myself and sleep in, but on the last day there I woke to use the restroom and realized it was just about the right time for sunrise. I grabbed my camera and slippers and went down to the shore in my pajamas, and here you go. What a wonderful sign from the universe that was!

on the north shore with superman

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Because when you are 4 years old, of course you pack your Superman costume to take up north!

Some mornings at the resort, you get to see brides on the lake shore. And some mornings you get super heroes. It’s never a dull moment!

Now, many of you might know that I now ask Ezra if I can share photos of him on the internet, and up to age 4.5, he was happy to show you all his face. But now? He has become a little more introverted and prefers only his family see all the photos I take of him. Of course I want to respect this — but it is difficult, I won’t lie.

Anyway, as I snapped these photos, I asked if Superman was allowed to have HIS face on the internet, and I was assured that Superman likes everyone to see his photos. So here we are!

I have many more fun photos from our trip, but those involve Ezra, not Superman, so I’m not sure you’ll get to see those. As for the scenery? I promise more of those later this week.