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morning storm

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I got home early from my appointment today right before a big, dark storm rolled through. Since I had some extra time, I decided to wander the garden with my macro lens and just have fun with my camera. I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of photographing rain drops… or hearing the rumble of thunder in the distance. It always fills me with such comfort and relaxation when I have a day of work ahead and those dark clouds roll in.

best weather on the planet

post by leslie

If you don’t live in Minneapolis right now, you are doing it all wrong.

The weather this weekend was SUPURB. Light breezes, temperatures in the 70s, low humidity… it was glorious. We ate almost all of our meals outside, spent time at various playgrounds and lakes, walked the dog, rode our bikes, ate vegetables grown in our yard and in general, enjoyed the remaining days of summer.

I had one photo shoot, but the rest of the weekend off (excellent decision on my part) and these images are from that family.

This morning when I woke up, it was 56 degrees. Oh, how I love autumn, and this time of year when it’s right around the corner is absolute magic.

filming your summer evenings


post by leslie

As promised, here is the finished film from a few weeks back. I loved that we had a big rainstorm during this session, and I loved the superhero capes and the trip to DQ. So many sweet moments with the parents, and man-oh-man, don’t you think you should hire me to capture these moments for your family?

Summertime evenings

post by leslie

A few weeks ago, I had a session with this marvelous family. I documented their typical summer evening both with still photos and a film. You guys, I LOVE this film. I cannot wait to show it to you later this week. But in the meantime? Enjoy these pictures.

On a more personal note, can you even believe how fast summer is flying by? Less than 3 weeks until school starts! The state fair begins NEXT WEEK! It’s really unbelievable. Fall is my favorite time of year, and we have some really fun things happening this autumn, but I’m sad that summer has gone so fast.

write your own story here

post by leslie

Last week, I was down by the Mississippi shooting a high school senior session (wait! don’t hire me for these! I’m giving them up! And more on that later…), when I noticed this tree. Does it not look like something from witchcraft? A person stuck in the tree? Growing out of the tree? I found it sending my imagination wild with possibilities, and I had to share it. So here you go. Happy Monday!

And speaking of stories, here are some books I’ve read lately and absolutely loved:

+ City of Girls

+ Ask Again, Yes

+ The Silent Patient

+ Where the Crawdads Sing

And while I’ve linked to these on Amazon so that you might read the reviews and such, I always prefer supporting local booksellers with my purchases. I recently found a new and wonderful bookshop in St. Paul called the Storied Owl. Check it out! And then go next door to Bar Brigade for dinner. You can thank me later.