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the wild side

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Oh how I adore this family.

I’ve been photographing them for several years, and unbeknownst to me until after this shoot, I’ve even read a novel by the father! The mother is SO stylish and fun and someone I *definitely* want to be when I grow up. And the kids are hilarious, wild little boys that laugh and live with their entire bodies. I really do have the best job.

And, believe it or not, I have an internet share of the day for you! I know, it’s been awhile (since I’ve been using ALL of my free time gazing at my pretty backyard (and weeding) or learning more about making films), but anyway, here are some lies I’ve told my 3-year-old.

I can’t think of any out right lies I’ve told Ezra lately, but he does believe that since he grew inside of me I have a psychic connection to his brain and that’s how I always know when he’s lied or gotten into trouble. And I’m certainly not going to correct that idea! I hope this lasts until high school.

And speaking of Ezra, he’s had some real gems lately. Last night we were talking about how fast he’s growing up and that someday soon he’ll have his own house. I told him he could still come over and see me then, and I would probably still help him with his laundry. He told me that when we’re that old, he’ll invite me to his house for book club and he’ll feed me nothing but ice cream. Does he know me well or what?!?

Enjoy the family photos below. And please know that my fall calendar is filling up fast, and if you want photos like this for yourselves, let me know soon!

babies babies babies

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When I tell you I am taking a lot of newborn photos these days, I am not exaggerating. And it is making me very, very happy! Here are a few shots from a new client last week — isn’t she adorable?


out on the water

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And I’m back! Sorry for the quiet week — I was slammed, and the blog took the hit. I’ve been keeping up on my shoots, but also doing some long-term planning that takes a lot of thought, time and energy. Such projects include mapping out a new website (meetings! research! digging through old photos!) and taking loads of video courses which hurt my brain in an entirely different way.

The point is, I promise I’m not lazing about reading novels and sipping lemonade at the pool. Although that sure sounds nice…

For today’s blog post, I wanted to show you Ezra’s latest adventure. We all headed down to the lake last night for a picnic and to hear the orchestra play. We invited some friends, and when we arrived they told us they were members of the sailing club and loved to sail.

Record scratch.

Ezra has been begging us for about 2 years to please “buy a sailboat” so he could go sailing on the lake. We just told him he needed to find richer parents or friends to make that happen, as we were not making sailing a priority.

So you can imagine our delight at learning we suddenly had a sailboat connection! And they were super excited and took Ezra out on the water maybe 30 minutes later! Thank goodness I had my camera on hand so I could capture this moment.

here for the baby, might steal the dog

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More babies with dogs in the family? Yay!

This baby boy was adorable and fantastic and all that, but the dog? Oscar? I could have brought him home with me immediately (don’t tell Magda!). Such a sweetie, and such a snuggler. This little boy is super lucky to grow up with Oscar by his side. And yeah, the baby is pretty cute, too.

My new oasis

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Our big house project this year was to get rid of the mud/weeds in the backyard and convert most of it to gravel. I have been toying with how to do this for YEARS as I love my dog(s) and I want them to have a nice space, but I also am so tired of trying to upkeep with grass. I wanted something that felt California but would work in Minnesota, which was the trickiest part.

We started this transformation 4 years ago with the amazing Landscape Love, who put in the patio and some of the plants. This year, I was not on top of it enough to make it onto their calendar, but they suggested Moondog Landscaping — which was started by one of their previous foremen. And it turned out, he had worked on our patio in the past, and so the transformation was completely seamless.

I had a pinterest board full of inspiration, and their plans were great. We spent loads of time this weekend out on the finished patio, sharing meals and playing games, and I am so thrilled to have this little oasis. I think up next maybe I’ll look for a small water feature and some classic garden statues.