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some photos that my kid took!

post by leslie | photos by ezra

As I showed you yesterday, Ezra decided to bring his camera to the dog park last weekend, and I’m gonna show you some of his pictures!

I think his favorite dogs at the park (besides his own) were the Great Dane above (we both have a true soft spot for these giants) and Gracie (the other collie, pictured below).

It’s really been fun now that he’s old enough to understand Dog Park Rules and how to act around the pups so we don’t have to worry about him. And he loves coming with us because *some* dogs (not ours) love to play fetch with him, which he finds delightful!

Besides our frequent trips to the dog park, life has been a little mundane lately. Lots of doctor appointments (check ups! eye exams! dental emergencies!) and lots of meal planning and cooking. I did just finish Small Fry, which was startling, eye opening and a great read. I can’t wait to discuss that one at book club! And I’ve had the Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack on repeat all week while I work.

What have you been reading and enjoying lately?

dog park days

post by leslie

Can you hear my heart squealing with joy where ever you are? That’s my kid up there, who wanted to bring HIS camera to the dog park so he could take some dog photos. I mean… just ask me for anything you want right now kiddo, because it’s yours.

Anyway, maybe tomorrow I’ll do a post on his photos that he took! That might be fun! but for now, here are a few I caught. We are spending loads of time at the dog park these days, which is so fun now that Ezra understands the rules of hanging out with big dogs.

Also, the lower photo of the two collies below has Hazel as the little collie — they look so much alike!

and now we’re watching football?

post by leslie

As you can imagine, we’re (I’m) not huge on sports other than basketball. Sure I love a Twins game every once in awhile. Hockey can be fun. But football? Never really enjoyed it.

Oh but now the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl. Am I a fan now? Absolutely not (those chants drive me nuts). But I do understand why Jamie, who was raised in KC and has never cheered for a successful football team, is excited. So I guess we’ll be watching the game now!

I have made it a goal to take more photos of my own family just hanging out this year, and these images were shot during Sunday’s game. Nothing spectacular, but I love seeing the boys snuggling up to watch, so I’m including the shots.

We also watched Into the Spider-Verse with Ezra (the freezing temps are keeping us indoors with more screen time than normal), which was SUPER fun and way more my speed! Beyond that, we cooked a ton, cleaned a ton, read a ton, worked a puzzle, nagged the child to practice his piano, took the dogs to the dog park and I got to have dinner with a bunch of girl friends. Nothing spectacular, but a nice, slow holiday weekend. Just what I needed.

winter storms abound

post by leslie

Last weekend, while in Lawrence, Kansas was hit with a winter storm — which for them is just as much ice as it is snow.

As I type this, we are being walloped with a winter storm in Minnesota, and we’re expecting just under a foot of snow. So I’m gonna make this brief, get outta the studio and on to the grocery store before settling into my cozy home for the weekend.

I hope you and yours stay warm this weekend, and my goal is to have more blog posts next week than this week!

oh yeah. i have a blog, too.

post by leslie

Sorry for the delay in posts! Keeping up with Intagram and Facebook and my client load sometimes leads me to forget about this little space over here! But I finally had time for updates tonight.

Last weekend, Jamie and I took The Kid to his first game at Allen Field House, which is a sort of Mecca for the two of us. It required an 8 hr drive and loads of planning and expensive tickets and the team played like garbage and lost. Since the team only loses THIRTEEN PERCENT of their home games (in the team’s ENTIRE HISTORY), you can see why this was unusual and amazingly frustrating.

But we tried to still have fun with the cheers, traditions and ALL the food the kid wanted (which is a LOT), not to mention shirts, hats, tattoos, posters etc etc etc. Here are a few photos from our time at the game. As I type this, the team is losing again on TV. So yeah.