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first day of spring!

post by leslie

We made it! We have survived winter! Well… at least on paper. For those of us in Minnesota, we are still in risky territory (hello last year’s April blizzard!), but with temperatures in the 40s and 50s this week, it does feel like hope is on the horizon.

A few weeks ago, Ezra was at a delightful birthday party, and for the parting activity the mother brought out soil, water, seed packets and starter containers. This was extraordinarily brave because there were about 10 four year olds present and we did this all in her living room.

Anyway, the kids dug in the dirt, filled their containers and planted and watered seeds to bring home. Ezra has been great about watering the seeds every few days, and look what we have now! Lettuce sprouts! Yes, we are growing lettuce.

I’ve never grown greens before because our house is surrounded by rabbits, but we’ll try to throw these in the raised beds in May or June and see how they do. A super fun project though! And I thought it was perfect to tell you about it now that winter is officially over (on paper).

For your internet shares of the day:

+ Four games to play with your kids upon which you can remain laying down. This article speaks to my soul — and we tried one last night and it was a huge success.

+ Well now I need to plan a trip to Amsterdam.

+ Beautiful portraits taken with a phone on the train.

sweet baby!

post by leslie

Look at this sweet little boy! I was so happy to photograph this baby last weekend — I’ve photographed his three cousins many times, and getting to meet different arms of my clients’ families is always fun!

I loved this little nugget’s toes, so you get a few shots of those.

The rest of our weekend, outside of my shoots, was pretty busy. We had birthday parties, play dates, dog walks, a movie (How to Train Your Dragon 3, which made me cry), and we hosted a dinner party. Tonight I plan on collapsing on the couch, and it sounds divine.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ I adore this interview with Lizzo.

+ Life before the internet — this made me nostalgic. And yes, I realize the irony of posting it ON THE INTERNET.

+ Beautiful paper illustrations.



last images from cali

post by leslie

These will be my last shots from California. Thank goodness the snow here in Minneapolis is beginning to melt, and I can finally start fantasizing about spring and gardening and time outdoors on a regular basis!

Obviously, I have not lost my love of photographing the texture of water. What joy it brings me! I hope you enjoy the colors and textures below. Next week? Back to normalcy.

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ This view inside of things we don’t normally see or think about is fascinating.

+ Easter parrots!

+ My own garden inspiration board. Yes, I realize most of the plants here are coastal and I live in the frozen tundra. It’s a problem.

birds on the beach

post by leslie

Yes, we’re still back in California! After my visit to Ojai, I ventured down to Santa Monica for a few days to stay by the beach and to see some friends. The first evening there, I walked out to the pier. I love the views back at the beach from the pier, and despite the massive tourist trap that it is, it still entertains me endlessly.

But on that night, it was the birds I enjoyed the most. Here are a few shots of them from my evening.

I don’t have any internet shares today, but I do want to share with you that I was lucky enough to see Michelle Obama speak last night, and what a treat that was! My face hurt from all the laughter and smiles, and I saw so many wonderful friends at the event.

The one thing that really stuck with me through the evening, that I would like to pass on to you all is the idea of “other.”

When someone who doesn’t look like you, or looks like someone “other” than what you expect, moves into your neighborhood or your school or your workplace, do not make assumptions on their intelligence or their attitudes based on what you see.

Many white families fled from Michelle’s neighborhood in Chicago when her family moved in because they saw black people moving in and they feared what that meant. These are the same black people that raised Michelle (her uncles, aunts and parents) — an incredibly hard working, studious woman who many would LOVE to live next door to today. Stop the judgement, and up the kindness. That’s one of the many lessons I took from this talk. We all need to be so much more welcoming to EVERYONE, not just to those that look and behave as we do.

(And if you want laughs, ask me about Saturdays in D.C.)


a few dream homes

post by leslie

Do you daydream about living in whatever city you’re traveling in like I do? Man, is that a fun endeavor. After my trip to Ojai (are you tired of hearing about that? I hope not!), I spent 2 days down in Santa Monica (in LA). While there, I stayed at an amazing airbnb a few blocks from the beach and spent a whole day just walking around the neighborhood (and beach) snapping photos of gorgeous homes and fantasizing about how to spend my non-existent trust fund.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites. I don’t really want to live full time in L.A. again (already did that!), but I sure would like to winter there every other year or so when I’m uber wealthy. And I would like to do it from one of these homes please.

Do you see the reflection in that top, right window? Because it looks right out on the ocean. Yes. The ocean is behind me. Oh, what a dream!

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ Do you have a habit you want to start? Drinking more water? Writing in a journal every day? A cleaner home? This is for you.

+ A cute gardening hack!

+ I predict travel to Europe will be annoying. But I will still happily comply.