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all the kids!

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Is this family straight outta the J. Crew catalog or what? What an adorable crew!

You know I’m excited when a mom says, “Oh, and is it OK if I bring the puppy with us?” Hi! Yes! PLEASE BRING ME ALL YOUR PUPPIES. So here are a few images of these three cuties.

And here’s Loki!

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Isn’t Loki adorable! He’s an American Eskimo dog and Husky mix and wow, is he ready for winter! I love his expressions!

dog fever

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What can I say, I have dog fever.

We have been working on adopting another rescue dog into our family since October, and it’s taking longer than we’d like, and man-oh-man are we excited and impatient.

We were supposed to meet our next potential dog this week, but due to schedules and scar trouble where she was fixed, now we are waiting another week. If you know me at all, you know patience is not one of my best qualities. But man the universe is teaching me!

Anyway, here are some photos of the adorable Laney who I shot a few weeks ago. Laney is the cutest, but let’s be clear that she has a wonderful forever family and this is not the dog I’m looking at! Ha!

It’s my second time photographing this gorgeous girl, and at the end is a photo of her sibling Loki. Photos of that sweetheart tomorrow!

family games

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Family games are a fantastic time to take photos of the family — you get genuine laughs, screams, smiles and joy. And tension!

I had a family last week who was up for this, and we met up and played Jenga and Avocado Smash before heading outdoors. I love the real moments captured in this session. (Don’t worry, we got a few posed shots for posterity as well.)


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Last week I got to make another moving portrait for a client. But instead of it focusing on the kids or a baby, I got to focus on A PUPPY! You guys, this was so much fun. Somebody pinch me now.