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you didn’t think I’d skip the sunrise, did you?

post by leslie

On my last morning on the North Shore this fall, it finally cleared up enough for us to catch a sunrise. And for the first time, Ezra chose to come out and watch with us.

These are my images from that morning. And these are the last photos I’ll post for a while as Jamie and I are heading out on vacation to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. I know! It goes so fast!

I’m sure I’ll check in during or after the trip, but I’m certainly not going to stress out about it.

Until then, enjoy the view!

let’s get to the moss

post by leslie and lucy

Well, obviously we are in love with the stuff on the forest floor. So up next is beautiful, green moss. The top shot is MY FAVORITE. And it’s Lucy’s (you should buy a print and hang it in your house).

Also, the stuff hanging from the trees? Is that moss? Is that lichen? I really have no idea. But it’s gorgeous. Enjoy!


post by leslie and lucy

Another thing, besides lichen, that we were drawn to in the forest was all the fungi! These perfect toad stools above and below popped up in the few hours we were out hiking, and we noticed them immediately upon returning to our cabin. We also were amazed at what we found on hidden paths and had to share. Some of the fungi is so lovely in color. And others, like the purple, are a little frightening! I had no idea there were purple mushrooms!


post by leslie

Away from the politics and back to nature, shall we?

Here are some of my photos of the lichen found in the woods near the north shore from a few weeks back. I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to lichen, but I suspect it’s because it looks so different up north than it does where I grew up in Kansas. I love the color and the texture it provides to the branches, and obviously I love taking photos of it! Enjoy!

make america smart again

post by leslie

Yesterday after a long day working in the studio, Lucy and I went for a walk downtown to see what was happening around Target Center (where Trump was expected to speak later that night). Here are a few photos.