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post by leslie

This girl and these dogs ALL turned 13 this summer! To celebrate, their amazing mom hired me to document everyone entering teenagerland. How sweet are these moments? What loves.

watching them grow up

post by leslie

Oh these two. I’ve been photographing these siblings several times a year since each of them was born, and spending time with them at each shoot is such a treasure! I have seen tantrums and tears along with laughter, joy and wonder. And this time? This time I saw humor and a budding friendship that caught my heart.

I am so lucky that this family continues to bring me back again and again. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

Last wedding of the year!

post by Leslie

This past weekend I shot my last wedding of the year (huzzah!), and it was a really fun one! See that dog and bride up there? Can I get more of that pretty please?

Many photographers are in the height of weddings right now (such gorgeous weather here), but since I much prefer documenting all the babies and all the families, I’m pleased as punch that I am now moving on to babies dogs and kiddos!

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Fall Family Photos

Post by Lucy

Fall family sessions are in full swing now, and it is always *so* much fun to re-connect with clients each year! This is my second year working with the little guy pictured above, and his wonderful parents. For this year’s session we stopped into the studio to play around¬† – Calvin showed off his balancing skills, we played with bubbles, he and his pup posed – and then we made our way across the street to Loring Park for a few shots outside.

If you are still looking to book a session this year, I have a few weekend spots still available. But, things are filling quickly so please reach out soon so we can work together!

This girl needs a home

post by leslie

This is Blue! She’s available for adoption through Pet Haven, although she’s not listed online yet because they are still evaluating her for medical and social behaviors. She is a SWEET HEART. Please, please bring her home so I don’t have to!

She’s a vizsla and weimaraner mix, which means she has a lot of energy and needs her exercise. That said, she is calmer than my Magda, so if you’ve met my own little bundle of spazz, this girl isn’t that nutso. But she will need walks.

She is hilarious and loves tennis balls and does fine with other dogs. She’s clumsy and knocks stuff over, so tiny kids aren’t suggested. If you’re interested, reach out to Pet Haven and they might be able to make an introduction!