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neighborhood walks

Post by Leslie

One of my favorite things to do when in Palm Springs, besides sunrise walks (more on that later), is to explore the neighborhoods and admire the landscaping, fencing/walling of courtyards and oh my, the gorgeous vegetation. It is so unique and lovely and just fills me up in a way that my beloved Minnesota and New York cannot.

Here are a few photos from such sites. When I see these, I want to relocate to the desert asap. And then I remember the summer.

And at the end of our walk on the day that I shot these, we ended up at a local coffee shop (that the dear Alby had taken me to years before) and I shot this image of Jamie and his brother.


morning hike in the desert

Post by Leslie

One morning this weekend, we loaded up the minivan (why are car rental places always out of the SUV I reserve and always forcing me into the horrendous minivan??) and we drove out into the desert to White Water Reserve for a hike along the Pacific Coast Trail.

It was a beautiful morning with a lovely breeze, and the desert was stunning. We saw tons of vegetation and some Big Horn sheep climbing the mountains and, in general, it was just a good change of scenery.

Along the hike, two men approached me and they told me to stop littering. One of them was holding my business card in his hand.

As we got closer, I saw it was my good friend Jim from the paper and his partner! Some cards had fallen out of a pocket on my backpack, and they found them! And then they found me! On the other side of the country, in the middle of the desert. The world is strange sometimes.

It was so fun to run into friends like that. So fun that like a dolt, I forgot to take a photo! You’ll just have to trust me. And you can read all about what Jim thinks about Palm Springs here. Next time we come, I’m checking out his suggestions!

And yes. There will certainly be a next time.

sunsets in the desert

Post by Leslie

Honestly, I thought I’d have more photos for you today. But I’m not sure how many photos you need taken from the swimming pool…

We’ve been getting out for hikes and such, and I’ll post more of those later this week. But for now, I am loving the sunsets. And hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can get some shots of Joshua Tree for you soon.

We’re here for one and a half more days, and I cannot express how relaxing this trip has been. The warmth, the pool, the naps… this trip has been fantastic. More photos later this week! 

palm springs

Post by Leslie

Hello from Palm Springs! Where it is currently 86 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!

One of my best life decisions thus far (besides marrying Jamie), was to book this trip to California last September. We have a dear friend Chris who is letting us stay at his *amazing* home, and we have family meeting us in town to celebrate warmth, pool time and grilling dinner outside in February.

We got in last night, and upon stepping outside the airport Ezra threw open his arms and exclaimed, “Mom! It is such a beautiful day!” Yes, yes it is.

These images were the ones I quickly shot upon arrival, but I promise much more next week. Until then? Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!

(Also, we have a pool and an orange tree in our backyard. Please pinch me.)

Local Chocolatiers

Post by Lucy

I was asked to style and shoot this week’s City Pages food feature, which I was thrilled about since the story covers local chocolatiers, and, um, shooting food, *especially* beautiful artisan sweets is one of my favorite things to do. Here is the article, and you can also find it in print on racks around town this week!

I was unaware of all the local chocolatiers we have in the Twin Cities! The article obviously ran before Valentine’s day to give people some shopping ideas, and I can tell you, these chocolates taste as delicious as they look, so they would be the perfect sweet for your special someone!

Above are chocolates from Madmeoisell Miel (the broken chocolate on the left, and the bon bons with gold leaf), and the others are from Ku’l Chocolate. Below are some beautiful truffles from Chocolate Céleste.