super model dog

Oh, the happiness my heart feels when getting dogs into my new studio space! Such a glorious feeling. And that dog up there? Prince (yes, that’s his name), he was like Merlin had come back to me. The soul of this dog matched mine to a t, and I was just so happy to be working with him.

Not to mention his crazy good looks! These dogs, Afghans, are so dang exotic. Below are just a few images — I haven’t even made it through the entire take yet. Which means you might see this guy again tomorrow. As if that could be a bad thing!?

And here are some extra juicy internet shares for today. Enjoy!

+ Want to see the air bnbs that famous people rent? Like Beyoncé? Here you go.

+ Why nature freaks me out.

+ Don’t be that person. (Although I do order hot tea at restaurants. Sorry!)

+ I shoot Nikon, and I have for years. And hooo boy does this piss me off.

studio details

I’m working out of the studio a lot this week because, well, I do have shoots happening here. But also? Our house is getting a new roof. And that, my friends, is LOUD. So I’m working downtown a little more than usual.

I still don’t want to do a big reveal of the studio space yet because I’m waiting (maybe not as patiently as I should be) for a statement piece of furniture to arrive. Until then, here are some detail shots to hold you over. One thing I love about this place is the textures. Yum.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ Just look at these beards.

+ Parenting in Italy. I love the names.

+ The letter Obama left for Trump. Mine would have been a little different. Which is why he is a world leader and I am a mouthy photographer.


well this was a blast

Man, yesterday was hard, inspiring, hilarious and wonderful all in one.

It began as I forced Lucy to dog-nap her parent’s Golden Retriever and headed over to the AMAZING Emmerlee’s house to try my hand at underwater dog photos. I have a lot to learn. Trust me when I tell you much of the beauty of these shots felt like dumb luck, but man, was it a hoot to try it!

I processed many of them in both color and black and white, but, um, you know me. The black and whites are my favorite.

Also, I need to note that sweet Emmerlee was testing the camera setup and I am 90% sure that shot of the pup diving in with his teeth braced (second to last image) is hers, not mine. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I suspect that’s the case and I want to give her all of the credit in the world.

If you are pregnant or just got married or want an amazing, artistic portrait of yourself, I cannot suggest doing a session with her enough. Her work is so original and gorgeous, and she truly puts you at ease during the session. And if you want a dog session? Reach out to me. But just know, patience is required!



Hey guys! I am in the thick of family shoots right now (have I mentioned that? yes? sorry.), and I loved the light in this shot on Saturday, so I thought I’d share it. If you would like a session for your own family before the holidays, I’m filled up until November now, so get at me quick!

For your internet shares of the day:

+ Easy pasta dinners that are fast and still healthy.

+ When Justin Timberlake has to ask to be on someone’s album.

+ Photos from Cuba after Hurricane Irma.


one of my favorites

Last night I got to photograph Conor Oberst at the Palace Theater. If you know much about me at all, you know Oberst is one of my favorite artists of all time. I discovered him back in 2002 when reading this article in the NY Times Sunday magazine. Imagine that! Remember the days of reading about music on an actual printed page and then going to a store and buying the album? Kids, things used to be so much harder.

But the discovery of his music was 1000 times worth it.

Then, in 2009, Jamie bought me my first digital camera and I smuggled it into a Bright Eyes show in Lincoln, NE (Oberst’s hometown) where he performed with another favorite of mine, Jenny Lewis. That was the first concert I ever shot! And the rest is history! (And no, I’m not showing you those photos! Ha! Horrible!)

You can, however, see the rest of my photos from last night’s show. They are over here.

And just one internet share today: A memo to Miami Herald employees from Marty Merzer, an old editor of mine, regarding how to cover a hurricane. A great read.