squad goals

I woke up almost 2 hours before sunrise this morning for another shoot at an elementary school, and it was 100% worth it. The kids I got to take photos of today were so freaking adorable (that kid above was not one of them), and the school was less than a mile from the studio (I’ll post photos later this week).

So after wrapping up around 10 am, I headed into work and finished up the family photos for those two buddies up top there.

Every time I can get a dog and a toddler in the frame together looking at the camera, I feel like a champion. If that doesn’t sound hard to you, go try it out and let me know how it goes. Lucky for me, these two were easy peasy, and we got a few images with the two together.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ This is a recipe rabbit hole well worth falling into.

+ My doula went forest bathing and wrote about it. Now I want to go with her next time!

+ And Ezra’s biggest crush (our favorite server at our favorite restaurant) wrote this whimsical peace about choosing a travel partner. She makes me ache to be young again.

visitors and naps

What a weekend! Jamie’s brother visited us from Sacramento (much to the entire family’s delight — but especially Ezra’s), and we spent the days at markets, reading books, building fires and playing.

Well, Ezra (and Steve) were playing/wrestling. Jamie and I were just thrilled to have someone else take the brunt of it (sorry buddy!). And Magda napped like a queen. I love the shot above where she’s dominating two chairs in front of the fire. This girl does love her warmth.

While she slept, the humans ate out at restaurants, visited coffee shops and bookstores, and in general just had a wonderful time. And after bedtime, the adults hammered away at my new favorite show, Mindhunter.

It was all pretty glorious, and we’re going to miss Uncle Steve desperately. Lucky for us, we already have our next visit on the books. Below are a few images of Steve and Ezra. Enjoy!

And now for your internet shares of the day:

+ Frances McDormand will never stop surprising me and making me laugh.

+ People reviewed wine glasses to see which ones made the wine taste the best. The winner is only $5.

+ My god. We are so lucky to live in this country. Even if that jackass is still in charge.

meanwhile, at the mall

This morning, I was over at the fancy mall in town, The Galleria. Why was I there? Because my buddy Ashley just opened her brand new boutique location there, and you guys, it is so, so great! It’s called Roe Wolfe, and it’s lovely.

I will simply tell you that I photographed her store for an hour, and then might have spent a lot of money on amazing clothes that I cannot wait to wear. If you need any retail therapy, I cannot suggest the store enough.

And now for some internet shares of the day!

+ Amazing vintage photos of street life in NYC.

+ I don’t know if I want this backpack for me or for my kid.

+ I love this office/music room makeover.

way back on halloween

Good Morning! As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be slaving away in the studio for the next few days, so I’m doing a throwback to Halloween!

Last week, many people came into my home studio all dressed up for snapshots of their costumes. But my favorites? Those were hands down the families that went ALL OUT for a theme. They were so creative and fun, and I wish I had that kind of imagination when it came to costumes!

My very favorite was the family above who came as RUN DMC. Ezra had that exact shirt when he was a baby, and we, of course, never ever thought of such a funny (or easy to put together! or comfortable!) Halloween solution. Props to this family!

And my next favorite goes to my neighbors who always come as a fantastic theme (Indiana Jones! Ghostbusters! And now, Star Wars!). That little Luke is so adorable!

I hate to admit it, but I don’t have time for internet shares AGAIN today. I will tell you that the new show Mindhunters on Netflix is fabulous, and if you need a new program in your life (and if you love true crime) this is the one for you! (Also, if you are from Wichita, as I am, they are totally getting into BTK territory!)

Have a great day, you guys! The weekend is so close!

studio reveal!

You guys! This is it! I’m finally gonna show you around our new studio!

We got the couch a few weeks ago (which we are *loving*), and last week and this week have been jam packed with shoots in the new space. Tomorrow is our first commercial shoot in our tiny studio, and we’re already realizing that we need more room. Soooo… we’ll see how that works out.

For now, we’re just working like we live in an apartment in Manhattan. Every object in our space is dual-purpose (utensils double as props for shoots, for example), and I’m obsessed with looking up storage solutions on blogs like apartment therapy.

But without further ado, here are more photos.

We call this our “hospitality cart.” We have cups, tissues, glassware, tea, coffee, chocolates, breath mints etc. Later we might add some booze for spontaneous happy hours with clients. But my favorite part is the dog bowl. Of course.

No time for internet shares today as I need to squeeze in a workout before heading into the office, but I will say that I’m really pleased with last night’s elections. St. Paul elected their first African American mayor, there’s now an African American Trans person on the city council and Virginia made me squeal with delight. Human rights for all, I say. Have a great day you guys!