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friends get married

post by leslie

This weekend I got to photograph a friend’s wedding (the best kind of wedding!). It was so gorgeous and sweet, and the couple were just so thrilled to be together that I didn’t have to pose them even once. They just couldn’t stop snuggling in and being giddy with each other! Which is thrilling for me!

Besides it being a gorgeous day and it being my friends, it was also the first wedding Ezra has ever been invited to, so later this week you might get to see a photo of him in a tie. Because who can resist that?!?

I have 3000 photos (literally) to dig through from this day, so it might be awhile before you see the full blog post, but please enjoy this sneak peek.

And now for your internet shares of the day:

+ This story about the current generation taking the bold move of dating without texting made me laugh. Here’s hoping I never ever ever have to date again!

+ A wonderful story of Lake Superior returning what it took.

+ A new cooking show that sounds right up my alley.


post by leslie

A few weeks ago, before Canada and before my Day in the Life session, I got to photograph this adorable puppy named Murphy. He only weighs FOUR POUNDS! He was like a kitten, but a dog instead! So adorable!

those toes!

post by leslie

This morning I had a shoot with the most adorable baby girl! Look at those cute toes! Not only did I get to take her photos, but I got to do a video as well, which I’m super excited to get started on!

No other updates around here. It’s been dreary and raining here all week, which has meant daily fires in the fireplace, long evening meals of soup and bread, and Jamie and I catching up on PBS murder mysteries like we’re already 65. And it’s been wonderful.


post by leslie

So… my clients came up to the North Shore for images of, you know, their families in front of Lake Superior. We all know this is my favorite lake to photograph and my enthusiasm for this slice of Minnesota runs strong. But on a day when clients have worked hard to get the perfect hair, this wind was NOT APPRECIATED AT ALL.

Except when my family sessions were done and I focused on just taking photos of the water. Then I loved it! Here are a few of those images. Enjoy.

Also, have you noticed my lack of internet shares? Well, this country is depressing the hell out of me right now, and frankly, not even the internet can win me over.

The climate, the greed, the asshole in charge, sexual predators voted into the Supreme Court, the crowds that laugh when assault victims are ridiculed… I mean, if this is what this country is, it makes me want to leave. So there’s a window into my emotions right now, and I’m not sure you want that sort of rainbows and sunshine filtered through my internet shares. Maybe I’ll be better in a few weeks. We’ll see.

the north woods

post by leslie

I spent the weekend on the North Shore with my clients doing family mini sessions, and the color was *astounding*. The weather? A bit chillier, damper and windier than I prefer, but I think we got some good photos regardless. Next year we’ll have to say collective prayers to the weather gods.

This image is just looking up during a shoot with a family on Sunday morning. Yeah, that color was that good. You’ll see more of the water later in the week, but for now, I gotta hit the road to get back to the cities for this week’s shoots! Back to reality it is…