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Oh hi.

Last spring (and maybe the year before that) we worked on updating our living room and dining room area. I didn’t really post about the changes, but we got rid of the blinds and got curtains, we added bookshelves in the dining room, we built out new shelves in the living room to match the fireplace, and we added a cabinet for the TV that closes so no one knows it’s there until we watch a movie.

Anyway! A lot of changes, and the main result is that now we have curtains (which I prefer to blinds), we can build a fire and enjoy it while we watch TV (yay!) and we have a music area where we practice piano, play records and hold dance parties for Ezra and his friends. Small changes, but some big results — which has been perfect.

Aaaand, since it’s all cleaned up for the holidays, it seemed like a good time to share it!

To me, these photos are boring and useless, but I also know how much I love seeing other people’s living spaces, so here you go.

No internet shares because I’ve been too busy cleaning! And on that note, I’ll likely take a few days off of blogging for the holidays as I want to be present with my family. I hope you understand and I hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend yourselves. Cheers!

weekend walks

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We had a fantastic weekend full of charades, stories by the fire, dance parties, walks around the neighborhood, and homemade meals. We visited a new bakery and watched a new-to-us nature series by the BBC and hosted friends. I am now done shooting until after the Thanksgiving holiday (although working furiously at my computer to process all my images before Black Friday holiday card sales).

Also? I’m fully consumed by Becoming. I highly suggest listening to it (or reading the book, but hearing Michelle’s voice each day is so reassuring). Want to hear what Michelle Obama thought about Trump’s campaign and presidential win? She tells it (and man, did I need to hear that honesty).

No internet shares today — too busy! Maybe some tomorrow!

sweet baby

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In between the many family sessions right now, I’ve also had a bunch of newborns arriving, and man is that fun! You know what I love about those? I get to hold and snuggle a baby and then hand it right back! It’s the greatest! But seriously, this little girl was a champ yesterday, and I loved this image of her and her mama.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ I didn’t know about this movie last summer and you better believe I’m gonna figure out how to stream it Thanksgiving weekend.

+ I hate doing my nails, but this intrigues me.

+ My favorite hostess gift.

moms and sons

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I love capturing the intimacy that moms have with their kids — but there is something especially sweet with moms and sons. Or maybe I just think that because I have a son myself. That mom up there? She has three of them, and I loved this moment during our shoot last week.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ I love this form of protest.

+ The fires in California are so scary, and these photos drive that home.

+ A fun gift for the music lover in your life.

santa’s little helper

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I had a family shoot this weekend and they just happened to bring their thirteen-week-old puppy! So while I *did* take photos of the whole family, you better believe there were a LOT of images taken of this sweet little girl right here. Adorable, no?

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ Michelle Obama’s book is out today, and as a teaser, this interview with Oprah is pretty wonderful.

+ Is it as cold where you are as it is here in Minnesota right now? Because wow. Here are some cozy throws for winter.

+ A pretty rad gift guide.