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sweet baby

post by leslie

In between the many family sessions right now, I’ve also had a bunch of newborns arriving, and man is that fun! You know what I love about those? I get to hold and snuggle a baby and then hand it right back! It’s the greatest! But seriously, this little girl was a champ yesterday, and I loved this image of her and her mama.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ I didn’t know about this movie last summer and you better believe I’m gonna figure out how to stream it Thanksgiving weekend.

+ I hate doing my nails, but this intrigues me.

+ My favorite hostess gift.

moms and sons

post by leslie

I love capturing the intimacy that moms have with their kids — but there is something especially sweet with moms and sons. Or maybe I just think that because I have a son myself. That mom up there? She has three of them, and I loved this moment during our shoot last week.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ I love this form of protest.

+ The fires in California are so scary, and these photos drive that home.

+ A fun gift for the music lover in your life.

santa’s little helper

post by leslie

I had a family shoot this weekend and they just happened to bring their thirteen-week-old puppy! So while I *did* take photos of the whole family, you better believe there were a LOT of images taken of this sweet little girl right here. Adorable, no?

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ Michelle Obama’s book is out today, and as a teaser, this interview with Oprah is pretty wonderful.

+ Is it as cold where you are as it is here in Minnesota right now? Because wow. Here are some cozy throws for winter.

+ A pretty rad gift guide.

caroline rose again!

post by leslie

On Saturday, we time warped back to 2012 (aka, got a baby sitter) and had an amazing night that included pho for dinner from my favorite spot in town and a concert at the Turf Club. It was so fun to see old friends, eat delicious food and stay out late in the cold weather, warmed by sweaty dancing inside the venue. Plus? The musician was Caroline Rose (who I’ve professed my love for previously) and the show was fantastic.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ This NY Times story about the women who joined congress was fascinating.

+ On my Christmas list.

+ These pretzels will change your life (and your waistline).



real life

post by leslie

Sometimes, in family shoots, especially with kids between 1 and 2 yrs old, you get the realest moments captured. And it makes me laugh every single time. Thank God my clients take it all in stride!

Only two internet shares today, but they are gems.

+ First, a Breaking Bad movie?!? YES. LET’S GET ON THAT.

+ Second, this story about spy disguises is for anyone who loves The Americans or the Mission Impossible franchise. So fascinating! (Special thanks to Margaret for the tip!)