just a tease

In case you can’t tell, I’m in Wisconsin. And man, is it lovely.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon photographing chickens, baby lambs, horses and a llama. Yup, a llama.

And we have more in store today! And beyond the amazing animals, the show Mother Nature put on with the clouds and green grasses was pretty spectacular.

No internet shares today as there was zero time on the computer. Maybe tomorrow (along with more farm animals!).

I Would die 4 u

A rarity! You get to see my own face on the blog! Special thanks to Jamie for snapping this photo of Ezra and I outside of First Avenue during the Prince dance party on Sunday morning!

Below are a few of my favorite shots from the party, but you can see the full take (and read about the celebration) over at The Current.

I must apologize for the short post this morning, but I’m hitting the road early for something special in Wisconsin. You can read all about it tomorrow (I hope!). In the meantime, put on some Prince and enjoy these images!

And for your internet share of the day:

+ I loved this article on teaching kids about consent.

+ Wow. Check out this new feature on Mastercard.

+ Speaking of great concepts, my next car might be a Nissan.

spring sunset

Apparently, we’re getting back to that time of year where I can’t keep away from the lakes. I didn’t even think about the fact that Friday’s post was also of Lake Harriet. Whoops!

This weekend was GLORIOUS. We spent so much time outside soaking in the sunshine. We ate almost every meal outside, we had picnics, park visits, time at the playground and bike rides. Not to mention the birthday party with a piñata, stilts, ice cream, cake and Ezra’s favorite slide. That kid parties HARD.

The above snapshot of sunset was one I nabbed near the end of a portrait session this weekend. Something about the smoothness of the water and how it catches the sun just makes me so happy!

But besides time outside, we also took Ezra to First Avenue for the kids Prince dance party. I’ll share some of those images tomorrow.

For your internet shares today, how about:

+ The next book I want to read.

+ Coachella fashion is so fun and hilarious at the same time.

+ President Obama takes his vacation photos with an iPad. Maybe the most horrible thing you’ll hear me say about the man.

morning at the lake

The weather today in Minneapolis is GORGEOUS. Sixty degrees and sunny is the perfect spring day, and I started it by leashing up the dog, plugging into my latest audio book (so, so good) and walking down to the lake.

It was covered in ducks and coots this morning, and the breeze was crisp and this fresh air was exactly what I needed to start the day. I used to do this walk daily with the girl, but winter and life and work have been in the way lately and I’m slowly getting back to it. And man, is it a welcome habit.

For your internet shares today, I loved these two pieces from the New York Times. The first is about the need and benefit of great child care (something I was completely unaware of before Ezra). The second article is titled “My Daughter is a Tomboy,” and it is something I think about a lot as a girl who wore nothing but clothing from the JCPenney boys department paired with cowboy boots and insisted people called me Lester when I was young.

out to lunch

Today I took a quick break from work to meet up with a friend for lunch over at The Kenwood. This neighborhood spot is among my very favorite places to dine in the Twin Cities both because the food is fabulous and because I can always be seated right when I walk in. It’s never too crowded (but never dead), and it’s always quiet so you can hear your companions easily (which is becoming more and more of a rarity here in the metro).

Nicole, my buddy, got the beet salad above (I’ve had it before — amazing) and I was freezing cold due to the rain and got the oatmeal. You guys, I never get oatmeal at restaurants, but this concoction is so warm and rich and comforting with the perfect textures and … well… you get the idea. You can see my oatmeal below.

And speaking of going out to lunch for oatmeal, I’m getting so old! Last night I went to a new yoga class I signed up for through Community Ed, and there were so many other fun classes going on! Japanese! Water color! Pilates! Zumba! Tap dancing! I seriously just want to retire, watch birds all day at my feeder and then attend community ed classes on the evenings I’m not home sipping wine and watching PBS. Who knew old age would come on this fast!?

For your internet share of the day, I loved this interview with a Sommelier and learning what all is involved in this talent. I don’t need to become a professional (and frankly, I love wine as it is), but it’s still fascinating.