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oh deer

post by leslie

Last week, I was photographing my very favorite yoga teacher on the planet (she moved away to Colorado several years into my practice, and it’s never been the same since…), and we stumbled upon this young deer near our path.

I was shooting with my 50mm, which for those who are not lens nerds like myself, means I was about as close to that deer as it appears. I had no zoom, and this deer had no fear. It was quite a serene moment for all of us.

I only have one internet share, and since it’s Friday and we all know this president is selling us out to the Russians anyway, let’s focus on something fun to pull us out of the depths of depression caused by the state of our union.

I give you this.


post by leslie

This week, I had a different kind of shoot. I spent 23 hours with a family, documenting their every day life. I’ve been wanting to try these “day in the life” sessions for a very long time, and this summer I decided to jump in, and man was it fun!

This family was my first (thank you so much for trusting me!), and I had a blast! It was so exciting to gain the trust of the kids and to capture the love between each of the family members. Next week, I’ll do a longer post and show you what I’m talking about, but for now I just wanted to share some of these fun sprinkler photos! Taking pictures in the harsh afternoon light is not something I embrace, but the water and the shadows (and the smiles!) really said summer to me, and I wanted to share these images first.

And now for your internet shares of the day:

+ A friend of mine is selling these pins and they make me laugh (you will too if you get the reference).

+ The dog photographer of the year photos are all over the European papers this week, and even in The Guardian (my favorite paper in the world). This pleases me to no end.

+ A super fun gymnast routine with a Micheal Jackson soundtrack!

light test

post by leslie

I had a very dark shoot last weekend in the studio, and since we all know I like things light and bright, I did a bunch of tests with our intern, Erin, before the talent arrived. Then, after, we dressed her up like a bad ass firefighter and I snapped some fun photos for her profile pic. I love how tough and dirty she looks here!

For your internet shares of the day:

+ A delicious dinner idea with bacon. Need I say more?

+ This essay on motherhood in France has me dreaming (again) of moving abroad.

+ I love plants. I love keeping them alive. This terrifies me.

+ Even more terrifying than that planter is our idiot of a president and what he might be agreeing to behind closed doors.

winner winner chicken dinner

post by leslie

Back in May, I got a call from London. On my land line.

So that was weird.

It was a coordinator for a photo competition that I had entered on a whim, and I was shocked.

A while back (like last fall), I was looking through the “Dog Photographer of the Year” winners, and I clicked on how to enter, made a note of the entry date on my google calendar and forgot about it. Then, this year, that item popped up on my calendar and I put off the entry for about a week. As the deadline approached, I took a deep breath, spent 30 minutes deciding on images, and threw together an entry figuring I would never hear a word and it was all a waste of time.

But it wasn’t.

This wonderful Brit on the other end of the line was telling me that I had placed second in the category for rescue dogs and that I had scored an honorable mention in the working dogs category! I was STUNNED. And thrilled.

She told me because I came in second, there was no real prize, but the recognition (which I’m thrilled with, thank you very much). She said they had more than 10,000 entries from more than 70 countries world wide. She also told me I could not, under any circumstances, tell anyone about this until mid-July. I had to keep my mouth shut for TWO MONTHS. As you know, keeping my mouth shut is not my strong suit.

But I did it! I highly suggest you click through and check out the winners of each category — they are truly fantastic images. And the honorable mentions are not online, so I’ll put that one below. Enjoy!

old friends

post by leslie

Oh, these sweet old men. They are 15 and 11 (I think?) and their parents brought them in for a few portraits while it was still feasible. That top one up there, Rascal, is such a sweet dear. He has been his mom’s running partner for many years and even has alerted her a multiple times when her blood sugar dropped while she was sleeping! (Yes, she’s diabetic. No, he’s not trained to do that, but he *knew*.) Rascal is the more senior of the bunch, and man was he adorable.

Sanders, below, was also a complete sweetheart during the session. He’s normally a bit more standoffish as Rascal is the dominant one of the bunch, but he was eager to please, even though he didn’t want any treats.

Photographing these brothers was a delight, and it’s a good time for me to point out that documenting the dogs in your family is particularly fun when they are puppies, but I think it’s important to do no matter the age. 

And now for the internet shares of the day:

+ Target is going after Amazon and offering a huge “black Friday in July” sale on Prime Day. Look at these deals!

+ I am completely swooning over these under water photos.

+ A video game I might actually play!