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finally! a girl!

post by leslie

You guys, a friend of mine had a baby.

Well, I should be clear, MANY of my friends and MANY of my clients are having babies right now. But this was one of those friends who is at my house a lot and who I adore both personally and professionally and who I ring in the new year with and who brought me dinners when I had my own baby.

And she had a GIRL! Of all my super close friends who live in Minneapolis, this is the first one to have a girl (at least in the last 5 years)! And this baby girl has the most beautiful wavy hair and the longest and most elegant fingers and toes and she is adorable and I couldn’t be happier. Of course I’ve taken photos. You can see them below.

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bedtime routine

post by leslie

Yesterday (and part of Monday), I was photographing another “day in the life” session with clients, and wow did I have an amazing time. I just dumped all the photos into my computer (thousands of images) and ran through them for the first time, marking my favorite 150 shots. I cannot wait to do an expanded post about this family and the magic that I witnessed.

Having a young family is so much work, but there is so much love. I think these sessions truly capture all of it, and while it opens my heart to remember this time that I had with my own sweet boy (and the nostalgia of it all!), it also makes me so glad that we have outgrown it! Such mixed emotions.

I’m sure there is a French or Spanish word that captures the longing for those times along with the relief that it is over, but I certainly can’t think of a word in English that holds that definition.

Below are a few photos of the father and daughter’s bedtime routine. Enjoy.

the four year old

post by leslie

Well, the kid turned four yesterday and how are we all aging so fast?

We celebrated in the park with ice cream, balloon animals and pizza. It was a bit too windy for the ice-cream-cake candles to light, so we sang and lit candles again in the evening.

Ezra got to watch a movie during dinner (a rarity) and he got to choose his meal (yogurt). So we candled that up and celebrated again. It was a really fun day that left us all quite exhausted, but happy.

Tomorrow I’ll be on another one of my 24-hour shoots, so there won’t be a blog post, but I hope to make up for it next week. You’ll just have to wait and see what I have in store…

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evenings with families

post by leslie

As I was mentioning yesterday, family sessions have been such a joy for me this year. It’s not that they weren’t enjoyable before, but maybe it’s that I’ve been photographing many of my families for 3+ years, and now it’s like spending an evening with old friends. Or maybe it’s that the kids are growing into themselves and are such a blast to play with! Either way, I’m having a wonderful time.

As I type this, I’ve shot six families this week with two more to go (along with a corporate shoot tomorrow). As you can tell, fall is a crazy busy around here, but that’s how I like it!

Below are a few of my favorite snaps from last weekend, and I’m sure I’ll be posting more later. I will also take this moment to remind everyone that I am currently booked solid until November 12, so if you want family portraits for your holiday card this year, please let me know asap!

For your internet shares of the day:

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babies babies everywhere!

post by leslie

Right now I am inundated with baby shoots, and it is pleasing me to no end! About seven or eight years ago, when I first started this business, newborn shoots terrified me because, well, babies were just little aliens and I was terrified of breaking them or being barfed on. Now that I’m a mom? BRING ME ALL THE BABIES! WHO CARES ABOUT BARF!?!

Seriously, having Ezra has changed my entire perspective on family shoots, but newborn shoots in particular as I now fully understand how fleeting (and sweet and amazing) this time period is.

This week, I am photographing three new babies and one maternity session (along with two toddler families and an agency head shot session thrown in for good measure). Today’s images were taken last week as I dropped off food for a dear friend who just gave birth. I have a “real” session with this little lady next week, but I didn’t want these images to go to waste. See what I mean about all the babies! September. I tell you what.

No internet shares today — life is just too hectic. Oh! But you might want to see my new haircut on instagram.