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feeling minnesota

Post by Leslie

We woke up to the most glorious, beautiful and peaceful snowfall today. After dropping Ezra off at preschool, I took the long way home around Lake Harriet to capture a few scenes for you.

I would guess we got 4-5 inches, but we’re expecting another huge snowfall tomorrow afternoon, so things should be really beautiful by Sunday morning… assuming I can dig out of my house! We’ll see what we find.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ Marty Baron’s talk about how this presidency is different. This is a long, but super interesting read. It talks about how Trump sees his term as a “show” and how that appeals to Americans and how that might be a smart approach (sadly).

+ I am so in love with Janelle Monae’s new songs/videos. This is so derivative of Prince, but since he was a huge fan of hers it makes me love it even more.

+ I love these boots.

+ How to raise a sweet boy. Food for thought.

beautiful radiators

Post by Leslie

Yesterday, I was downtown working with a new client on portraits of their employees and candid meeting shots, but I was so drawn to the old radiators in this building. I’m such a sucker for antique details like this, and I’d love to see all the paint removed to catch all the details. I’m sure these pieces are glorious.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ An important read regarding the gun debate. It’s so easy to slip into an “us vs. them” mentality, and for meaningful change to happen, I think there needs to be more thoughtful discussions. This said, those kids are NOT ACTORS and their voices should be heard and I’m thrilled they are speaking out.

+ This chicken pot-pie soup recipe looks fantastic and I want to make it this weekend.

+ I have updated the fine art section of my site and you can now buy prints from my trips to NYC and Palm Springs.

creative memories

Post by Leslie

So I’ve been telling you guys how busy I am… but I haven’t really been great about showing you why. So here we go!

Last fall, I was approached by Creative Memories (a scrapbooking company based in Minnesota) who wanted some fresh photos of their products for their catalogs, website and social media accounts. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if scrapbooking products were right for my brand or if this would be a good match, but the client who reached out was so fun and upbeat and positive that they were striving to create a more modern product, that I jumped on board. And man, has it been fun!

We’ve been doing 2-3 shoots every month (!!) which is keeping our new (and tiny!) studio busy. They develop two collections each month, and we sprinkle catalog shoots in as well on top of those. So yes, it’s busy! And each collection is so different that it keeps us on our toes. And notice how I keep saying “we” and “us”? It’s because my dear Lucy has styled ALL of these shoots. She has been a total workhorse finding props and surfaces and the perfect pieces for each collection.

I’m including a few of my favorites from this client, but I’m sure we’ll show more down the line. Enjoy!

And for your internet shares of the day!

+ Let’s all dream about living in this tiny, adorable and immaculate California bungalow.

+ Dog breeds in summary. Ha!

+ Five great workouts for your living room.

vacations are over! back to work!

Post by Leslie

Well, the vacations are all done with and the three-day weekend is finished. Time to get back to business!

I recently had a great shoot with that guy up there, Flash. This sweetheart is 12 years old, and such a joy to have in the studio. He was super snuggly, and when I got home from the studio, you better believe Magda was a bit curious about my various odors.

The next few weeks are pretty slow around these parts (Feb/March/April are when things typically slow down a little), and I’m using the time to update my website (go browse around those portfolios when you have time!) and in general, just catch up on all the business things that I never have time for between June and January.

But before I dive into things like taxes, mileage and contracts, let me distract you with some internet shares of the day!

+ Oh Johnny Weir, you are so entertaining.

+ My friend Leah has the most amazing mint green kitchen cabinets. She’s always so on trend!

+ I’m not saying Franken was innocent, but articles like this make me fear for the future of our civilization. And I’m not being light or flippant about that statement. Having trustworthy information is the most important thing we can count on, and I’ve read about technology that is working to create fake videos, photos and voice recordings. It’s terrifying.


another chilly day at the zoo

Post by Leslie

We are in the midst of another three-day weekend with the kid (preschool is closed on President’s Day), so we took him back to the zoo yesterday. Our main event there was the bird show, but of course I had to snap a few more shots of the monkeys playing in the cold. I adore those red faces. And one of my favorite shots was when a child monkey ran over to his mom, they snuggled a bit, and then he leaned up and appeared to kiss her before running off again to play. Photo below.

The resemblance to humans is astounding to me.

And now for your internet shares of the day!

+ I made this for dinner this weekend and it was A++++. 

+ I love this t-shirt and might have to buy it.

+ I’m usually not one for buying art from Ikea, but this first image takes my breath away.