Phone it in Friday ~ March Madness and couch time

Welcome to March Madness! Where we are inside glued to the TV almost every other day (until Kansas is either out of the tournament or wins it all) and it doesn’t bother us a bit this year because the weather outside is dreadful. I love that shot up there where Ezra is enthralled with the game.

One way to keep a 2 year old occupied during a 2 hour basketball game is to spread the trains out on the living room rug.

Did I mention how stupidly cold it is here this week? Lots of tea and coffee around these parts.

I’ve been trying to get out and walk more now that the snow has cleared. I loved these long shadows the other day.

Besides those of us hogging the couch at night to watch basketball, someone else is hogging it during the day.

And today after Ezra’s doctor checkup, we celebrated his good health by going out to breakfast. He ate a gazillion pancakes. I had these amazing eggs. Fridays with the boy are so much fun right now!

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ I love this story of how Minneapolis is helping the homeless.

+ Ladies working in government might benefit from this product right now.

+ I love comparing the most recent Star Wars movie with the first one that ever came out. And someone melded them together. And it makes me happy.

+ Aimee Mann has a new album out, if you’re into depressing music.

+ This couple has an open marriage. Talk about a conversation starter.

a girl and her ball

This sweet girl hasn’t gotten much blog love lately, and I’m trying to give her extra attention this week because her world will be a bit nuts next week.

Well, let me clarify, it will be nuts for the whole family, but at least we can understand why. You see, we’re having the kitchen torn out of the house on Monday and a new one put in it’s place. Er, almost new anyway.

I’ll go into more of those details as the work begins (I’m sure there will be photos), but for now I’m just trying to spend some time showering my pup in love and happiness while things are “normal.”

For your internet share today, this trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale television show is phenomenal. It makes me think I should re-read the book. I read it in the 7th grade and didn’t go back — and I’m sure I would get even more out of it now. Regardless, seeing Peggy in this role is going to be fantastic. And I’m thrilled with the timing of it all.

springtime fake out

A few weeks back it was in the 60s. And it’s so sunny outside — light is filling the house! And I can see sprouts in my garden!

Yet? It is still freezing out there.

It’s cold enough to warrant winter coats (not just jackets!) and yesterday my son requested a fire in the fireplace. Spring in Minnesota is such a tease.

Some quick internet shares for you:

+ What a wonderful floral site. I have a hard time sending flowers to people out of town because I hate FTD. This looks like a great solution!

+ I love these images of street vendors shot from above.

delicious food!

Last month, I had a shoot with a local produce company, which was fun because unlike my normal restaurant food photography (which I still loooooove to do), this was shooting a bunch of food at a factory (with a wet floor), making it not look like a factory, and making things look artful while working in a giant refrigerated space (ohmygod my fingers got so cold!).

First, let me say that I could not have done this without the amazing styling help of the wonderful and talented Lucy. She was polishing grapes, selecting the best looking cauliflower and setting up all that color and texture in just the right way. Plus, she’s an angel to work with. We’ve been teaming up a lot lately (which I’ll talk about more at a later date), and this was a super fun collaboration.

But besides these pretty food shots, I also snapped some “behind the scenes” shots of the factory. You guys, I cannot express how cold it was in there. I was miserable after just an hour, and I now have so much more respect and love for the pre-cut watermelon I buy at the grocery store. Below are some of those images.

Two quick internet shares before I head into the studio for the day!

+ If you have one of these magical instant pots, this beef stew looks dang tasty.

+ I cannot get enough of this music right now.

almost forgotten…

Some times (many times), I do a shoot for a company and I promise not to post any images until they are released to the public. And some times (many times) it takes months and months until they go live, and by then I have completely forgotten to share the final images with you guys.

And that’s what happened here.

This was one of my very favorite shoots last year. It involved a fashion designer, wonderful natural light, beautiful clothes and a vintage airstream trailer (!!!). As you can imagine, it was an absolute dream. And it went live last fall and I had forgotten all about it. But! This weekend, I remembered! So here you are.

I’ve included some of my favorite shots below, and you can read more about the project at the live site for Scotch over here.

The short story is that this fashion designer rehabbed an old airstream trailer into a design studio and then took it out on a long road trip to NYC with her dog. She worked each day on her next collection while being inspired by the parks she stayed in. What a dream!

Also, if you’re curious about her designs, here is her site.

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ One of my biggest fears.

+ A seal hugging a stuffed seal. I promise it will make you smile.

+ The only workout I could probably stick with.

+ I had no idea Keanu had been through so much.

+ The most beautiful Jello I’ve ever seen.