one year old

How hilarious is that kid up there? I had him in the studio last weekend for a shoot celebrating his first birthday. We blasted his favorite band (The Clash, naturally), and threw around some confetti and balloons. What a great time, we had!


I mean, he just won’t stop smiling! It’s amazing!

For your internet shares of the day:

+ I cannot wait for this movie. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

+ I have the same stocking that I used as a small child, so it has never occurred to me to buy new ones. But man there are some lovely stockings out there.

+ Travel guide by a seven year old. Amazing.

holiday hosting in the studio

It’s that time of year. The time when you are so busy with work and family and gift buying and shoveling the driveway and yet you keep telling yourself to make more time for the people. The friends. The family.

Well, last week Lucy and I made the time for a few of our friends at Superhuman Agency, who have been great at supporting us as photographers. We invited a handful of folks over to our cozy space (a handful is about all that would fit!) and we took an hour or two to unwind, have a drink, snack on some treats and just laugh and touch base. And it was so much fun, and so needed.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard to fit this in. We had them arriving just 2 hours after wrapping up a huge commercial shoot in the space, and we had to put everything back, clean, set out food, etc etc. But it was all worth it.

And for those of you reading this that want to do the same, we are planning more of these happy hours! But we’re also working on our schedules, so you’ll be hearing from us soon. I promise!

And now for your internet shares of the day:

+ This article about being a woman really hit home for me. If you’re a man, please read it.

+ Some book ideas if you need gifts for a bookworm like me!

+ I made these holiday cookies this weekend and they were so easy and so delicious and I know it’s my own recipe but my god get on this!

On the Hunt

Whew, what a week!

Leslie and I have an amazing new client we’re working with (we’ll reveal more details about them later), and have three big shoots for them this month. I am doing the styling for each, which has been a ton of fun, and has gotten me back into some of my favorite thrift and vintage stores around town.

The shoot I am shopping for now has a vintage/antique/collector theme, so, as one of my first stops, I of course darted over to the always amazing Hunt & Gather to browse the multi-level treasure trove that is their store. I was thrilled to find these really cool old film reels and slides – they will be a perfect addition to the set I’m working on! If you have never been to H&G, it’s worth it just for the spectacle even if you’re not in the market for anything at all. Here is a grainy/blurry cell phone photo of a corner of the space, just to give you glimpse:


H&G is filled with items from several different vintage dealers, so there is a huge, and well curated, variety of themes/styles/etc. There are also always extremely bizarre items that will keep you wondering what will be around the next corner.

So, it’s a treat to get to go browse spots like this for *work*, and a bit dangerous because it’s hard not to walk away with something for myself :)

If you’re like me and enjoy strolling through vintage shops, below are a few of my favorite in south Minneapolis that I visited today – maybe an activity for you this weekend?

Hunt & Gather


Valentine Wood



oh christmas tree

After showing you the tree lot yesterday, I figured I should show you our tree this year. First off, I have to admit that my favorite tree photos are the blurry ones. Sorry (not sorry), but you get the idea.

Also, in case you can’t tell, I like my trees like I like my men. Tall and skinny. I always opt for the “wild” firs, as they are sparse like I like and show off the ornaments well (as you can see below). And the smell. Oh man, does my house smell good right now.

For your internet shares of the day:

+ A wonderful story of humanity during this ridiculous presidency/time in America.

+ These fires in California are insane.

+ If you have a man in your life who wants a watch for the holidays, Timex has some beauties out right now.

tis the season

Last night, I was on my way to dinner with my dear friend Nyberg, when I demanded she pull over so I could jump out and take photos of my favorite Christmas Tree stand in the dark. And because she’s an angel, she didn’t hesitate one bit.

This is such a fabulous fixture in my neighborhood, and it brings me joy every single year. But it is *especially* wonderful when there is a fresh dusting of snow on the branches.

The stand is run by the Forestry department, and it has been here for 40 years. Charming doesn’t even begin to describe its beauty.

And for your internet shares of the day:

+ Great work, Time. Have you heard about their person of the year? So, I guess Trump was lying. Again.

+ This quote is my mantra.

+ And in “Damn, this girl has great taste but not the budget to match” news, I have found the perfect holiday wreath to fit my native-Kansan self. And I want to bring in the new year toasting with these amazing glasses that are far too spendy. Let the estate sale hunt for something similar begin!