don’t worry. she’s here.

I know it’s been a long time since this princess has graced the blog. But man, is she winning gazillions of love points from me this year. Her patience with the kid is UNBELIEVABLE. The idea that four years ago she was returned five times for her behavior with kids just reinforces my belief that kids under age 3 are tough with puppies — no matter the dog.

This was my first week working in the studio each day, and finally last night I made it out to get Magda a dog bed for the space. We trotted up to the studio, I laid out her bed, filled her water bowl, and she promptly positioned herself in front of the door where she has been all day, sniffing madly at anyone who might walk by. Soft growls are reserved for four-legged building residents.

We did take a break for a walk in the park across the street — which was lovely, even in the rain. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how this arrangement is working out.

For your internet shares:

+ Tina Fey says exactly what I feel. I just want to eat cake. (And ice cream.)

+ There are a lot of amazing photos here, but I’m mentioning it because of the albino moose. Wow.

+ Have you seen this artist’s work at the Mall of America? He has a similar (but smaller) installation at my hair salon. It’s magical.

a bit more uplifting

Hey guys! I promise to have a little more fun today.

I spent most of my time this morning working in the studio, both on photos and client work along with sexy things like hanging curtains and sorting trash. I did take a break to order some new eyeglasses though, and that’s always fun!

But one of the sessions I worked on today was one I shot last week — the evening after we moved into our new space. I was bone tired that day, but we had so much fun with this session. Just look at this little boy’s expressions! What a delight!


For your internet shares of the day:

+ This gives me faith in humanity.

+ Slamdunk birthday presents for kids. 

+ Today I learned about “crown shyness.” How beautiful!


back from boston

Hi guys! What a week!

Lucy and I returned from Boston late last night, I worked from home this morning and then we headed into the studio for more decorating/setting up. And I got the internet working! So of course I wanted to get on here and blog from the new photo studio. HOW EXCITING!

No, I’m not ready to show you the space yet (maybe we’ll do a preview, but our statement piece doesn’t arrive until around Halloween, so you might have to be patient).

The photo up there is of some sort of medical equipment that I shot in Boston. It was an outtake, so it’s safe to show you and it’s nothing special. Just interesting to me that those medical tools are made in Pakistan. Right?

OK. Internet shares. Are you as outraged by our president right now as I am? And frankly, it’s not just the president who is pissing me off right now. Who are all these nazis? And what kind of world do we live in where they don’t even hesitate to show their faces? My god. I never thought we would head in this direction, and it enrages me.

For your internet shares:

+ My friend Matt wrote this piece about the Charlottesville rally.

+ This map is scary and also makes me mad.

+ This photo. Damn.

+ I need something happy. I don’t have anything. What have you got?

tunnel vision

I’m still in the thick of work right now, but getting keys to the new studio space and moving in was a huge relief. More photos of that space later, I promise (we just need to finish decorating first!).

Right now, I’m in Boston prepping for a shoot with a new client. I’m not gonna lie, while this month has been exhausting, getting to photograph jobs out of town is always exhilarating, and this is no exception.

I’m doubting I’ll have time to blog tomorrow, but I’ll be back by Wednesday, I promise. Please bear with me!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Can you believe summer is almost over?! Get out there while you can! Sip wine on the patio, watch the moon rise over a still lake, chow down on some sweet corn on the cob and hold a drink in your hand while playing your favorite yard game! It’s going to be gone before we know it!

leaving tranquility behind

Well, we’re back in the city. Leaving Lake Superior behind is always tough for me, but the amount of work on my plate in the next few weeks made it even more daunting this time around.

I have 12 shoots in the next 17 days. That doesn’t sound like too much except that one of the larger shoots is in Boston and two of the remaining ones are weddings. Then you sprinkle in nine more family/seniors, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Oh, and today and tomorrow I’m moving all of my photo stuff into a brand new studio (!!!). So there’s a lot going on right now.

I’m going to try to hang on to those Superior Sunrises as long as I can though. Below is a shot Jamie took of Ezra and I. It was the first time he left the cabin with us to watch the day begin. And he was a little chilly in his PJs, which is why he’s wrapped up in my hoodie.

Blogging might be a touch sporadic in the next week or so, but please bear with me. I promise to have some fun stuff to show you if I survive it all!